Land to Empire is a play-to-earn mobile ready strategy game on Near Protocol. The game is set in a fantasy world where the player is the lord of the land. In LandtoEmpire, players have to upgrade their land using resources gained from attacking other players lands or producing them on their land. To attack, players train different types of troops using resources. The main resources are gold and elixir. Players can unite into clans, which can then participate in clan battles, and communicate with each other.
A premium GEM token is used to speed up construction and upgrades. GEMs can be obtained by passing levels and completing various tasks.
Players can trade game tokens on the exchange, withdraw and deposit them into the game.
To trade units in the game built nft-marketplace.
The game team supports the Proof-of-Game standard - this means that the creators of the game will not trade tokens and nft, all tokens put up for sale will come from real players with a link to their land. The team's earnings are royalties from p2p nft trading. Everything else is the players' earnings.


tutorial

NFT Marketplace

Play to Earn

The gamer can take buildings from the game to the marketplace in order to earn money from their NFT sale. The buyer can enter the purchased asset into the game and continue to use its properties, as well as to pump levels.


LandtoEmpire is a multiplayer game in which players create communities called clans, train troops, and attack other players to earn resources. The team's income is made up of commission from token withdrawals and royalties from the sale of NFTs.

Game tokens

Gold and elixir can be used to build and upgrade defences and traps that protect a player's village from attacks by other players, as well as to build and upgrade buildings. Elixir used to train and upgrade troops and spells. Gems are a premium token. Every owned in game token gamer can sell on DEX's.


Your strategy to play and earn

"Land to Empire" is a real-time strategy in which the player must carefully plan and calculate each action.

From the very beginning you have the ability to create NFTs of your assets and sell them on the built-in Marketplace. You will have to make the hard choice to sell the asset now or wait until the asset is upgraded to a higher level and then sell it at a higher price.

But not everything is measured in money. In the game it is important to get cups for winning attacks and defenses of your lands. Cups are the way to the top players.

On October 22, the top 1,000 players will be whitelisted for token sales and invited to the DAO.

Premium lands

For only $199 you can buy limited edition of Premium Land. Six series of premium lands at one selling price, distributed as a lottery with a smart contract. The smart contract that receives the payment will randomly select the nft and send it to the payer. Then the premium land can be used in the game or put up for sale through the Marketplace.

Premium Land Series details: Common 55%: Town hall 4, mortar 1, air defense 2, cannon 4, cannon 4, gold storage 5, elixir storage 5, gold mine 6, gold mine 6, elixir collector 6, elixir collector 6.

Uncommon 25%: Town hall 5, mortar 1, air defense 3, cannon 5, cannon 5, gold storage 6, elixir storage 6, gold mine 7, gold mine 7, elixir collector 7, elixir collector 7.

Rare 13,8%: Town hall 6, clan castle 1, laboratory 1, mortar 2, air defense 4, cannon 6, cannon 6, gold storage 7, gold storage 7, elixir storage 7, elixir storage 7, gold mine 8, gold mine 8, gold mine 8, elixir collector 8, elixir collector 8, elixir collector 8.

Epic 5%: Town hall 7, clan castle 2, laboratory 2, mortar 3, air defense 5, cannon 7, cannon 7, gold storage 8, gold storage 8, elixir storage 8, elixir storage 8, gold mine 9, gold mine 9, gold mine 9, elixir collector 9, elixir collector 9, elixir collector 9.

Legendary 1%: Town hall 8, clan castle 3, laboratory 3, mortar 4, air defense 6, cannon 8, cannon 8, gold storage 9, gold storage 9, elixir storage 9, elixir storage 9, gold mine 10, gold mine 10, gold mine 10, elixir collector 10, elixir collector 10, elixir collector 10.

Mythic 0.2%: Town hall 9, clan castle 4, laboratory 4, mortar 5, air defense 7, cannon 9, cannon 9, cannon 9, gold storage 10, gold storage 10, elixir storage 10, elixir storage 10, gold mine 11, gold mine 11, gold mine 11, gold mine 11, elixir collector 11, elixir collector 11, elixir collector 11, elixir collector 11.

The total emission is 10K Premium Lands.


Very rare lands - will consist of few buildings of level 9-10, which in the game are pumped a year.

The more common lands - will have few buildings from level 6-7. This is about a month's worth of play.

Starting February 1, the project team will not create or sell any more NFTs.

All subsequent NFTs will be minted by the gamers themselves. We will not spoil the market for them.


Nov 2022
DEX token farm
Sep/Oct 2022
IDO Token sale
Feb 2022
Jan 2022
Premium land sale
Jan 2022
NFT marketplace
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